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Anne Hillyard, Office Manager

Joyce Barlow, Production and Scheduling Supervisor

Rufus Dickinson, RPR, CSR (California, Ontario, Bar of Montreal)

Toronto Court Reporters was established in 1986 and has been providing excellent individual service for nearly 30 years. The founder of the firm, Rufus Dickinson, is an American citizen and holds a CSR from California where he started reporting in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. (His grandfather, J.M Dickinson, former President of the American Bar Association started one of the most prestigious law firms in Chicago.) Rufus B. Smith, grandfather, Superior Court Judge, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Following his families' distinguished legal paths, Rufus' career took him to Canada where he became a Hansard Reporter (the only American to ever do so) and worked reporting in New York State, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

He then started TCR when he realized Americans doing depositions in Canada had no specialized firm to take care of their needs. He has prided himself in keeping contact with American agencies and firms and keeping up-to-date with changes in the industry both north and south of the border.

Since the beginning, the firm has provided excellent service for its clients in both countries. His reporters are schooled in U.S. format standards and his rates are commensurate with those of most States. TCR reporters are all professional CSR's and we are proud of the fact that we employ the best Real Time reporters, some of which have also worked in the United States.

All of our reporters hold the Commissioner of Oaths, which is required to swear witnesses in Canada, (US notaries are not licensed to perform this duty in Canada).

We are up-to-date with regulations regarding cross border depositions and we offer the latest in technological innovations in the court reporting field.

Our videographers are CLVS trained by the National Court Reporters Association in the United States and are completely familiar with providing the same provisions and quality of service as in the United States.

We can also assist you with depositions in Montreal, Ottawa and other parts of Canada.

All of which is to say that: "If you want quality, dependable and reasonable service, don't hesitate to call TCR"

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